Unveiling Union Essential Green Card Interview Questions for Marriage

When applying for a marriage-based green card, you and your spouse may be required to attend a green card interview, which is held with an immigration officer in order to verify your relationship. These interviews can be intimidating and stressful, but they are an essential part of the green card process. If you are unsure what to expect, here are a few common green card interview questions marriage that USCIS officers commonly ask during these interviews.

While there is no official list of questions, the USCIS officer conducting your green card interview will likely ask a variety of questions about your family, lifestyle, and daily habits. Some of these may include how you both wake up in the morning, what do you each drink for breakfast, and where does your spouse go to work each day. The interviewing officer will also want to know how you communicate with each other, including by phone, text message, and email. The interviewer may also ask about your hobbies and interests, such as music, sports, and travel.

In addition, the interviewing officer will want to determine if your relationship is genuine and that you truly intend to stay together. They will want to see proof that you both support each other and that one party does not have sole control over the household finances. They may require you and your spouse to submit affidavits to verify these facts.

You should prepare by reviewing your joint finances, and the bills you pay on a monthly basis. The interviewer will likely want to see your bank statements and credit cards. They will also likely ask you and your spouse to describe each other’s financial history and current income. They will also want to hear about your future plans and how you plan on supporting each other once you are both in the United States.

The final question that the interviewer will want to know about is how you and your spouse celebrated each other’s birthdays, anniversaries, and religious holidays. The interviewer will also want to know what you and your spouse eat for dinner, how many bedrooms and bathrooms you have in your home, and what your nighttime routine is like, such as whether you watch TV or read before going to sleep.

If you are concerned about the interview process, it is a good idea to work with an experienced immigration attorney. An immigration attorney can help you and your spouse prepare for the interview by identifying any issues that might cause the U.S. government to ask additional questions during the interview process and can accompany you at your interview if it is held in the country of origin. An experienced immigration attorney can also help you prepare for potential emotional distress that could affect your responses during the interview. This can be done by teaching you a number of relaxation techniques. If you are in need of assistance with your green card application, the dedicated team at Spar & Bernstein is ready to help!