Simple Heras Fence Covers

Heras fencing covers, or fence tarpaulins, are a cost-effective and highly effective solution to obscuring your site works from public view. These 2.85m wide temporary fence covers obscure visibility to construction works whilst acting as a deterrent against theft and vandalism. Heras fence tarps are available in a range of different styles to meet the needs of each project. Our acoustic shield fence tarp, for example, minimises noise pollution caused by the construction site, while our printed mesh fence covers are ideal for advertising completed projects and events. Our plain mesh tarps, on the other hand, offer a cost-effective way to obscure visibility to site works and provide privacy where required.

These plain heras fence covers, or tarpaulins, are printed full colour on robust and durable Mesh material. The printing is applied using dye-sublimation to ensure that your message will last for the life of the cover. We have three fabric options for the heras fence covers; Airmesh, PVC Mesh and Knitted Polyester, each with different characteristics. Airmesh heras fence covers are the most popular as they are designed to be used at sites where wind is a factor. The specialist mesh material contains micro-holes to allow wind to flow through, lessening the impact of strong gusts and reducing the chances of your heras fence covering blowing away.

PVC Mesh heras fence covers are also a great choice for outdoor construction projects, as the perforated mesh allows some wind to pass through. They are the cheapest of the three options and can still be used in adverse weather conditions. The material is a strong yet lightweight 115gsm, and has been printed in full colour by dye-sublimation to produce bright, durable heras fence tarps.

The final option for heras fence covers is the knitted polyester heras tarp, which is a very economical material to use. The tarps are a lighter fabric with a more open weave, and can be printed in up to four colours. They are finished hemmed around all edges with eyelets in each corner for easy attachment using cable ties or bungee clips.

All our heras fence covers are precision manufactured to fit a standard Heras 3.5m x 2m temporary fence panel. They are also angled at the top corners to match the Heras angular edge profile.

For an additional level of security, we also offer heras fencing covers that are branded. These are perfect for creating a clear, professional looking barrier that will be a deterrent against theft and vandalism. We can print your company logo or branding to the front and back of the heras fence cover in high-quality graphics. Printed heras fence covers will not require planning permission in most instances, unlike other signage and hoarding panels. For more information on branded heras fencing, contact us today.