How to Find a Good Landscape Design Company in Coconut Creek

Landscape design helps to anchor a home, connect it with the environment and creates a welcoming entrance. A professional landscaping company in coconut creek will work with living plants as well as building materials to create a functional and aesthetic garden for future growth and maintenance. They are familiar with the region and plant types that thrive there, so they can provide advice and recommendations. They can also help to build outdoor structures, like decks and gazebos. They will also design grading changes, soil improvements and drainage modifications.

Some landscape designers coconut creek landscape design only offer the planning services, while others take care of both the design and construction. It’s worth comparing the estimates provided by several different garden design companies to find the best one for your needs. Also ask for references from friends and family members who have hired a particular landscaping contractor to see what kind of work they did.

This project improved the existing Windmill Park by expanding the existing dog park and adding a second, ADA-approved play apparatus, stationed exercise paths, picnic pavilions, new parking lots and enhanced planting. The design team was responsible for preserving large trees, relocating tennis courts and the water system, improving site drainage and creating a more cohesive and natural park design.

The design for this commercial project sought to trigger a sense of place in the building’s occupants by using a mix of native grasses, flowering shrubs and trees. The irregular paver walkways softened the arrival to the front facade and were complemented by a calming water feature, sound and bright plantings that emphasized the entry and activated the pedestrian experience.