Hood Cleaning for Restaurants and Food Service Facilities

Kitchen hood cleaning is a procedure that involves the removal of grease, debris, and other compounds from kitchen ventilation systems and the kitchen hood itself. This procedure promotes a safe and healthy environment for restaurant employees and customers.

Hood Cleaning is required in most commercial cooking establishments, including restaurants and food service operations. Keeping your hood and vent system in good working order is crucial for safety and the prevention of fires.

In addition to regular cleanings, you will want to have your exhaust system inspected at specified intervals. You can do this by hiring a professional cleaning service. A contractor can pressure wash the ductwork and baffle filters and then manually clean the hood’s interior. He or she will also inspect for any hidden corners or anomalies.

The frequency with which you clean your hood will depend on the type of food that you serve and the volume of vapors that your hood draws up. However, most restaurants can get away with a quarterly schedule. If you need more frequent cleanings, consider adding a semi-annual or annual cleaning to your schedule.

Most hoods should be cleaned to the standards set by the National Fire Protection Association. To ensure your hood meets the appropriate specifications, you should contact a hood cleaning company that uses IKECA ANSI C10 or IKECA ANSI C10-R standards. These specifications are considered to be the industry’s minimum standard.

Once you have found a hood cleaning company that fits your needs, you can start scheduling your cleanings. They can be scheduled any time, including late night or very early in the morning. Depending on the size of your facility, a standard cleaning will take about three to four hours.

Before you can begin your hood cleaning, you will need to remove the fans. Fans should be detached from the hood and soaked in warm water. Allow them to soak for at least two hours. After that, the fan should be dried and reinstalled.

For your hood to stay in good shape, you should polish it to a shine. To do this Hood Cleaning, you can use a soft-bristle brush or a non-abrasive scrub pad. Alternatively, you can opt to spray the hood with hot water. Both methods will help to get rid of the grease buildup on the inside of the hood.

If you are in need of a hood cleaning company, you can call Rite Temp. Their technicians are trained to clean every part of your hood, including the plenum and grease troughs. They also offer food-grade polish to keep your hood looking like new.

Hood cleaning services are available Sunday through Thursday. Typically, a service will begin with a power washing session to thoroughly clear the hood and roof. Then, the crew will steam the hood to remove any leftover dirt and grease, scrubbing the hood until it is clean, and polishing the hood until it shines.

During your hood cleaning, the contractor will also test your exhaust fans for noise and vibration. Upon completion, the technician will attach a decal that identifies the service as completed. The decal will be visible to the fire marshal and health department and will be posted on the hood canopy.