Extraordinary Churches

When you think of church, you might think of a Roman Catholic basilica, a country church, or a stave church. Each style has its unique features, but these are just a few of the many types of churches. These churches come in all different sizes, shapes, and traditions, so there is something for everyone.

Stave churches

The Extraordinary Churches are churches that were carved. Originally, these structures were known as ‘rohas’ (roughly translated as “roughs” in Arabic). However, they were renamed after the 12th century Ethiopian king Lalibela, who was part of the Zagwe dynasty that took the throne around 1000 AD. The king’s goal was to build a New Jerusalem and sought support from the Ethiopian Christian Orthodox Church. Today, over 30,00 people worship in Lalibela, including over 1,000 priests.

Roman Catholic basilicas

According to the Roman Catholic Church, basilicas are extraordinary churches with a special connection to the pope. They are usually dedicated to the pope and commemorate special feasts, such as the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul on June 29 and the anniversary of the pope’s election or inauguration. There are approximately 1,580 basilicas around the world. Among them, 325 are in the Americas and 69 are in the United States.

Underground churches

Underground churches meet in private homes, in places not generally accessible to the public, and often in rented properties. They are often small and unassuming, but the defining characteristic of underground churches is their commitment to witnessing and discipleship. Many underground churches adhere to the teachings of James 1:22, focusing more on God and less on how they meet. This Church is similar to the way the early churches grew. Many of the disciples were evangelists, and the church grew because everyone was doing the work of the gospel, not just a few apostles.

Country churches

An Extraordinary church is one that goes beyond what most people consider a church. These churches offer contemporary worship and practical messages. They also have the distinction of being non-denominational.

Stone churches

Stone churches are built out of monolithic blocks chiseled out to form columns, windows, and various floors. They are extraordinary works of art, but they are also vulnerable to deterioration. Today, the World Monuments Fund works to preserve these ancient structures to preserve their cultural significance for future generations.

Chapel in the Rock

The Extraordinary Church Chapel in the Rock was built on a huge rock with a glass ceiling and rock walls. The entrance was built like a tunnel. The interior walls are still made of the rock. The dome-shaped roof is supported by 100 radial support beams. Transparent glass surrounds the top, providing natural lighting. The chapel’s interior is surprisingly serene.

Trendsetters Church

Trendsetters Church International is a religion-related professional society and association in Phoenix, AZ. The organization was founded in 1998 and has an unspecified revenue and number of employees. The church has retired members who are dedicated to serving Jesus Christ. They participate in fellowship gatherings, Bible classes, and special events.