What Does a Mixologist Hire?

A mixologist is a professional bartender with at least five years of experience. A mixologist is well-versed in classic drinks, but can also improvise with the available bar stock to create more complicated drinks. These professionals will come to your venue equipped with all the necessary bar tools, and will be able to make drinks for a group of up to 25 people. For larger groups, a mixologist is a great choice.

Cocktail bartenders

If you’re planning to hire https://spinandshake.co.uk/mixologist-for-hire a bartender, consider a mixologist. These professionals have a minimum of five years of experience in the bartending business. They know how to make classic cocktails, as well as improvise with bar stock to make more complex concoctions. A mixologist will arrive with all the tools they need to prepare cocktails. They’re best for events that have a group of up to 25 people.

If you are organising a party or an event at your home, hiring a professional mixologist is a great option. They’ll arrive at your venue with the tools and ingredients needed to make delicious cocktails. Packages start at two hours of service, and all bartenders are experienced and friendly. All of their staff wear black suits and ties to avoid any misunderstanding. Moreover, you can expect a high-quality service, which will impress your guests.

Minimum charge period

Generally, a party or event with a full bar requires a Mixologist. This individual is available for hire for a minimum charge period of 3 hours. The fee is pro-rated on an hourly basis after the three-hour period. This charge will be less for functions of one or two hours. However, there are some situations in which a function may require a mixologist for a longer period of time.

Experience required

If you’ve ever wondered what skills are needed for a job as a mixologist, you have come to the right place. Experience in this field is a crucial part of success in the bartending industry. This position requires the ability to serve drinks to a variety of customers and maintain company standards. It requires experience with a wide variety of beverages and is also responsible for creating memorable drinks. Whether you want to work at a high-end restaurant or in a fast-paced bar, you’ll need to be able to balance the many demands of a high-volume event while maintaining a high level of quality control and customer service.

In addition to making drinks, a mixologist must also keep inventory records and follow state alcohol laws. This job also requires you to check customer identification and cut off customers who are over-intoxicated. Additionally, a mixologist must have experience in bar management and bar POS systems. While working in the bar industry, it’s essential that you stay informed about the minimum age to serve alcohol, as the age to legally drink alcohol varies widely among states.