Advantages and Disadvantages of Soft-Sided and Hard-Sided Enclosed Auto Transport

enclosed auto transport

There are two main styles of enclosed auto transport – soft-sided and hard-sided. Each style has its own benefits and drawbacks. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each style before deciding which is best for your situation. Listed below are some things to consider when choosing enclosed auto transport:

Soft-sided enclosed carriers

When it comes to auto shipping, there are two main types auto transport of enclosed carriers available: soft-sided and hard-sided. While both types offer a level of protection for your vehicle, they do have some drawbacks. If you’re looking for a low-cost alternative to a full-blown enclosed trailer, soft-sided carriers are a better option. Listed below are the benefits of each type of enclosed auto carrier.

Enclosed auto shipping is ideal for prized vehicles, because it provides maximum protection from elements and theft. These trailers can hold one, two, or even multiple cars, and are often equipped with hydraulic lift gate systems. Soft-sided carriers are often made of canvas or other soft-side materials, which can minimize the need for an enclosed trailer. Enclosed auto transport is safer and more convenient than shipping vehicles open to the elements.

Guaranteed pickup and delivery dates

Regardless of whether your car is in need of repair or transportation, enclosed auto transport is the safest way to ship it. Enclosed transport keeps your car protected from the elements and speeds up the delivery process. You should choose enclosed auto transport if you are concerned about the environment. Enclosed auto transport will also save you money since the entire process will take place on the truck’s regular schedule. If you need your car to arrive faster, you can select expedited car shipping, which will get it to its destination in just a day or two.

You can also guarantee pickup and delivery dates when you hire an enclosed auto transport company. The carrier will contact you to confirm your pickup and delivery dates. Keep in mind that a guaranteed pickup and delivery date may take longer than you originally expected, and that you will need to coordinate with them for this. Some drivers may be unable to pick up your car on time due to inclement weather or traffic. Enclosed transport may also take longer if your vehicle is oversize, or if the carrier is having trouble finding space to transport it.


The cost of enclosed auto transport varies greatly depending on the location of the shipping address. If it is a popular area, the number of trucks that can transport your car is likely to be higher. However, because of the increased risks associated with shipping vehicles that are enclosed, the cost of shipping can be reduced significantly. In fact, the cost of enclosed auto transport can be reduced by 50% in a high traffic area. Moreover, shipping costs are also dependent on elevation. If your home is located in the mountains, shipping your vehicle to a city will cost more.

The cost of enclosed auto transport is also higher than that of open carriers. It also requires more planning and longer lead times. Moreover, it may be limited to certain locations and may not accommodate special specifications of the automobile. As such, there are many factors that should be taken into consideration before selecting an enclosed auto transport service. To understand the differences between these two, it is helpful to know the benefits and drawbacks of each one. However, the advantages of enclosed car shipping far outweigh the costs.