Your Free K53 Scrambler Checklist


K53 is a fast, easy and accurate assessment tool that helps you prepare well for your upcoming driver and learner’s license examination. Thousands of people have taken the program and obtained good grades on their driver’s and learner’s license examinations. With K53 South Africa, you get driving/riding lessons that will really help you accurately carry out driving/trailing tasks such as parallel parking, pre-trip check, stop signs and speed… all from the comfort of your own vehicle. K53 provides a step-by-step DVD that walks you through each lesson in detail. The K53 program also includes a checklist of topics that must be covered before moving on to the next lesson.

For many learners and drivers alike, the objective behind driver education is to get rid of any penalty points on their driving license. K53 covers penalties points on the road including speeding tickets, traffic fines, court fines and more. With K53, not only can a learner effectively pass their road test without penalty points, they can also make sure they never have to pay a fine or penalty points ever again.

The purpose of the practical test is to assess whether a driver is able to operate a vehicle on the public roads with minimal skill and safely. To teach drivers how to drive safely, drivers are required to complete a proper road test before receiving their licence. However, the practical test can be like a mini driving test because it is done on public roads. For this reason, most of the time the examiner does not actually tell the candidates what the questions are. The candidates have no idea what questions to expect and this makes it easier for them to forget the answers.

When a candidate does poorly on the practical driving test, they still have time to improve before the next examination. To do that, they must study all the driving rules and the rules associated with the different road markings on the public roads. A good road markings guide should contain all the rules related to manoeuvres, braking and turning, among other things. These rules will ensure that when they drive on the public roads, they abide by those rules and avoid unnecessary accidents.

So how can you get your free checklist to passing your driving test with ease? Passing the practical test is only half of the journey to safety. The next step is to avoid speeding, drive cautiously and always obey all road markings. You also need to familiarize yourself with all of the rules related to making turns at stop signs and intersections. After this, you can move on to manoeuvring your vehicle through tight spaces and taking careful turns on the road.

Knowing the proper distance between you and other vehicles is essential to staying safe on the road. All drivers should stay a certain distance apart from each other as it is a common mistake to pull out of a tight spot too quickly. As a rule, if a driver needs to pull out of a tight spot to pass a test, they should do so in no more than a few feet, as pulling out too far can cause damage to their vehicle. A good K53 guide should include all of the traffic rules and manoeuvres, as well as the proper distance to remain between you and other vehicles on the road.