Pitlane Promotional Staff

If you’re looking to hire promotional staff for your event, look no further. Leeds-based Pitlane Promotions is a company that provides promo girls and promo boys for various events. With years of experience in the industry, these Leeds-based promotional staff providers are more than qualified to handle any promotional task.


Aces promotional staff are an excellent choice for events, exhibitions, and promotional activities. These professional models and event staff can provide information and demonstrations and welcome clients and guests to your brand. They are highly knowledgeable and can create an infectious enthusiasm, which will help promote your business and product. You can hire these professionals to attend events in your local area.

Aces Promotional Staff in Leeds are highly trained and enthusiastic and will ensure that your brand is positively represented at  Promotional Staff in Leeds any event or exhibition. These highly trained employees can be hired on short-term contracts or longer-term commitments. They are also available for leaflet distribution events in Leeds.

Pitlane Promotion

Pitlane Promotion offers the services of promotional girls and boys in Leeds. Promotional staff help businesses promote their brand, generate leads, and collect valuable data. They can also help make sales. If you need promotional staff in Leeds for a special event, contact Pitlane Promotional Staff. They’ll make sure you get the results you want!

The city of Leeds has developed a public intercultural statement that outlines its long-term goals for promoting diversity. The city is committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all citizens and has signed up to be a city of sanctuary.

Push Promotions

For a variety of marketing campaigns, promotional staff can be an essential part of the mix. Whether it’s distributing leaflets to local residents or interacting with customers at temporary pop-up stores across the UK, promotional staff from Push Promotions are able to make your brand’s message come to life. As Leeds has strict regulations regarding leaflet distribution, they can help you acquire a Leaflet Distribution Licence from the Leeds Council.


When JLE began operating in 2001, it was hoped that its development would result in substantial economic benefits for the city. Not only was the line expected to create new jobs in the city, but it was also expected to regenerate parts of the south bank and the catchment areas of the other train stations.

JLE has had the greatest impact in areas where development and planning policies have supported it. For example, in the area around Canary Wharf station, the London Docklands Development Corporation had already carried out phase one of redevelopment. And, in the area surrounding Bermondsey station, the housing market was practically nonexistent, and there was a large number of vacancy and low-value rental properties in the area.