Group Homes Australia offers personalised care

Group Homes Australia is a new model of care for people living with dementia. It offers personalised care and is an approved provider of Home Care Packages. Its homes are located in ordinary suburbs across Australia. Residents benefit from round-the-clock support and a range of services, including dementia care, palliative care, and respite care.

Group Homes Australia is a new model of care for people living with dementia

Group Homes Australia is an innovative new model of aged care that provides customised care for people living with dementia. These homes are designed to provide a home-like environment with staff focusing on the individual’s abilities and disabilities. The homes are located in suburban suburbs and focus on enhancing the residents’ quality of life.

The model aims to house people with similar levels of dementia, as this will help to enhance their social engagement. It will also reduce the risk of them experiencing confronting symptoms if they have more advanced stages of the disease.

It offers personalised care

Group Homes Australia is a home care provider that takes a multidisciplinary approach to care. Clinical workers work in tandem with social workers and families to provide a tailored experience for residents. To facilitate this, Group Homes Australia uses a Salesforce software application that includes detailed resident profiles. This ensures that everyone is on the same page. Social workers can easily share notes and insights with carers. The software also allows caregivers to update resident profiles from anywhere.

Group Homes Australia offers personalised care to people with dementia and high care needs. The Group Homes Australia homes are designed to provide a home-like environment in which residents enjoy a variety of activities. The aim is to encourage independence and dignity for residents.

It is an approved provider for Home Care Packages

The Australian Government funds home care packages, which allow older Australians to remain in their homes. These packages provide a coordinated range of clinical and personal services. Individuals can choose from a range of home care providers. The Australian Government reimburses the providers through grant agreements.

Those eligible for home care packages must be assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team. The team includes a doctor, nurse, social worker and other healthcare professionals. The assessment will determine the level of care needed. Once this is done, the right provider will be selected.

It is a social hub

Group Homes Australia has a unique model of care that focuses on the ability and needs of residents. The homes have trained staff who are present around the clock. Residents are assigned to one-to-three staff members who provide one-on-one support. In addition, registered nurses and social workers are available at all times.

Group Homes Australia is designed to provide residents with a social environment in a home environment. These homes generally house six to ten residents, and their care is personalised and supportive. They provide residents with a sense of purpose and promote dignity.

It is built on belief that people should thrive in a home environment

The Group Homes Australia model for caring for elderly and disabled people focuses on resident needs, capabilities and preferences. Each home has a dedicated team of trained professionals that help residents live as independently as possible. The homes have a high staff-to-resident ratio, with trained caregivers, called homemakers, providing assistance to residents. Registered Nurses and social workers are on hand around the clock.

Group homes are permitted in most residential zones. They may be covered by a council’s Development Control Plan (DCP). Since they are considered niche uses, group homes must adhere to DCP controls that apply to dwelling houses. Most group homes are designed to resemble ordinary homes from the street.