Dementia Care Sydney

Dementia Care Sydney

The University of New South Wales has created a unique program, called Dementia Care Sydney, to help people who are living with dementia. Associate Professor Josephine Clayton, who coordinates palliative care teaching, is a member of the university’s faculty. Senior Lecturer Matra Robertson is also involved in the program. Professor Friedbert Kohler is also a professor of medicine. He has conducted research and presented lectures in Japan and Thailand.

Melanie Lovell

Dr. Melanie Lovell is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Sydney, and a Palliative Medicine physician. She also holds an adjunct appointment at the University of Technology Sydney Dementia Care Sydney and an affiliate appointment at the University of Sydney Medical School. Lovell has published extensively and is an active member of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians’ Spirituality Training Curriculum Working Group. Her professional work focuses on palliative care, and her research interests include pain management and cancer.

Associate Professor Josephine Clayton Josephine coordinates palliative care teaching

Associate Professor Josephine Clayton is a medical professor and Director of Research and Learning in Palliative Care at HammondCare in Sydney. In addition to her clinical experience, she coordinates a research program that improves communication between patients and their carers. She has published in leading journals and is actively involved in various projects that improve end of life communication skills.

Senior Lecturer Matra Robertson

As the person with dementia ages, he or she may require a higher level of care and support. In addition to requiring more frequent help, a person with dementia may prefer to remain in their own home. With a little bit of planning, you can provide this care for your loved one while still allowing them to live the way they want. Here are some helpful tips.

Professor Friedbert Kohler

Friedbert Kohler, professor of rehabilitation medicine at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), is a highly respected Australian health care leader. He is also the clinical director of ageing services for the South Western Sydney Local Health District and a co-director of the Age and Ageing Clinical Academic Group Maridulu Budyari Gumal. Friedbert serves on several committees and is committed to improving elder abuse awareness and developing coordinated responses to the problem. He is currently working on developing translational models of care and enhancing community rehabilitation services.

Associate Professor Andrew Cole

The new course, called “Real Cases, Real Time”, is set to begin its first session this week. The course is based on case studies that demonstrate how care professionals can help the ill and frail. Developed by HammondCare, the course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by care providers and their clients with dementia. The course also aims to promote better communication between caregivers and older adults through a simulated learning environment.